Other Races


Catfolk are found to the far south and the far south-east of the lands containing Monster Hill. These are lands resembling Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, respectively. The southern Catfolk are mostly wandering hunter-gatherers, but the eastern ones are the people and rulers of kingdoms that are subject to a human-ruled empire.


While Ratfolk are thought to have originated in the Middle East they generally assimilate the culture of the lands they inhabit. Ratfolk have spread to all corners of the known world, with every large city having at least some of them. Many are nomadic traders and merchants, traveling from land to land. While being no worse than any other race, and in fact having some tendencies that can lead them to be quite altruistic and benevolent, they are often subjected to prejudice and stereotyping.


Tieflings are common in the lands around Monster Hill, due to the influence of that place. It exudes lower planar energies.

Other Races

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