Seldarine Pantheon

The Seldarine is the court of Corellon Latherian, from whom came the elven race. They are a tightly organized group in some ways, mostly due to loyalty to Corellon, but also filled with it’s share of rivalries and intrigues. In the early years of creation they led armies of eladrin and good fey against hordes of demons and evil fey, including the goblin deity Grummsh. It was during this battle that the elven race was born from drops of Corellon’s blood.

Amongst the high elves the cults of the various deities are subordinate to the cult of Corellon, mirroring the relationship between the deities they are devoted to. Priests of Corellon often also serve as priests to the other deities, especially in smaller communities. Amongst the wood elves, what high elves would regard as “unorthodoxies” often creep in, including the worship of foreign deities.

There are several elven deities that are outcast from the pantheon, for various reasons including acts of evil. Most are lead by Lolth, and are collectively known as the Dark Seldarine. Elves consider them to be powerful demons, rather than gods at all. The same additude is applied to the goblin deities, who are hated enemies of the Seldarine. The dwarven deities are often subjects of ridicule, however some myths exist of them being stalwart allies against evil and these myths are often retold when dwarven and elven relations become strained.

Deity AL Portfolios Domains Subdomains Favored Weapon
Corellon Larethian CG elves, magic, music, arts, crafts Chaos, Good, Magic, Nobility, Protection Arcane, Azata, Defense, Divine, Leadership, Martyr Longsword
Deep Sashelas CG oceans, learning, beauty Animal, Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Water Azata, Fur, Lust, Memory, Oceans, Thought Trident
Erevan Ilesere CN mischief, change, changelings, half-elves Chaos, Luck, Trickery Deception, Whimsy Short Sword
Labelas Enoreth NG time, scholarship, longevity Good, Knowledge, Luck, Rune Azata, Fate, Language, Memory Quarterstaff
Rillifane Rallathil NG woodlands, nature Animal, Good, Plant, Protection Agathion, Growth, Feather, Fur Quarterstaff
Sehanine Moonbow C(N)G mysticism, dreams, journeys, death, transendence, moons Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Repose, Travel Ancestors, Azata, Moon, Night, Souls, Thought Quarterstaff
Solonor Thelandira CG archery, hunting, warfare Chaos, Good, Plant, War Azata, Deception, Growth, Tactics Longbow

Seldarine Pantheon

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